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SF-2809 Health Benefits (Must be received within 60 days of your appointment date to enroll)
SF-3102 FERS Designation of Beneficiary
SF-2817 Life Insurance Election (Must be received within 31 days of your appointment date to enroll)
SF-2823   Designation of Beneficiary (FEGLI)
TSP-1   Thrift Savings Plan Election (Must be received within 60 days of your appointment date to enroll)
SF-813   Military Retiree’s Service (If applicable)

For questions on completing the in-processing forms, please contact (301) 677-4142.

SF-2809  Health Benefits
Use this form to

  • Enroll or reenroll in the FEHB Program; or
  • Elect not to enroll in the FEHB Program (employees only); or
  • Change your FEHB enrollment; or
  • Cancel your FEHB enrollment; or
  • Suspend your FEHB enrollment (annuitants or former spouses only.)

SF- 3102  FERS Designation of Beneficiary
This Designation of Beneficiary is used to designate who is to receive a lump-sum payment which may become payable under the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS). This form is only for employees and retirees under FERS. Employees and retirees under the Civil Service Retirement System must use Standard Form 2808.

SF-2817  Life Insurance Election

  • New employees eligible for life insurance.
  • Employees appointed to positions that allow life insurance coverage following service in positions that did not allow life insurance coverage.
  • Employees who want to change their insurance.
  • Reinstated employees who filed a previous waiver of any type of life insurance and who were separated from service for at least 180 days.

SF- 2823  Designation of Beneficiary (FEGLI)
This form is used solely for the disposition of Federal Life Insurance Benefits (FEGLI) upon the death of a civilian employee.  It should not be confused with the Designation of Beneficiary forms used for the disposition of unpaid compensation or FERS retirement benefits which are allocated on separate forms.

TSP-1  Thrift Savings Plan Election
Newly hired employees can sign up to contribute to the TSP within a 60-day period after their entrance on duty date.  Contributions will begin no later than the first full pay period after the agency accepts the election. 

SF-813  Military Retiree’s Service (If applicable)
The SF813 is used only to request verification of a retiree’s military service performed in a nonwartime campaign or expedition for which badge/medal was authorized, in order to credit such service for leave accrual rate and reduction-in-force purposes.