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Symantec AV

In concurrence with the Enterprise-wide Information Assurance and Computer Network Defense Solutions Steering Group (ESSG), DISA discontinued license or support for the Symantec solution on 16 September 2015. AV/AS Service Desk support for the Symantec solution also expired on this date.

DISA will continue to provide support for the Intel Security/McAfee AV/AS solution.

DoD elements are required to complete the necessary transition activities to migrate to an Enterprise AV/AS solution. DISA recommends all Symantec users move to the DoD Enterprise Intel Security/McAfee license for configuration management and overall DoD cost reduction. Planning and execution across DoD elements should begin immediately, if they have not started already.

Supporting product documentation for transition activities, including guidance for uninstallation of Symantec AV is available at:; installation guidance for McAfee AV is available at: For further technical support, please contact the AV/AS Service Desk at: DSN: 850-0032, Options 1, 5, and 3 Toll-free: (844) 347-2457, email