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Bootable Media (BootMe) is a lightweight Live CD that temporarily creates a secure, non-persistent end node on almost any personal or public computer for safer, deployable, very-low-cost NIPRNet remote desktop access. The product is designed to provide a secure virtual trusted bootable solution for remote access to DoD Information Networks (DODIN) enterprise services using non-GFE equipment from home for telework, pandemic and continuity of operations (COOP).

The Bootable Media program is managed by the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Mission Assurance Directorate (MA). The product is developed and maintained by the Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) Anti-Tamper/Software Protection Initiative (ATSPI).

CAC-enabled Bootable Media Portal (use email certificate)

Mission Statement


The mission of the Bootable Media Program is to enhance the security posture of DODIN by providing a secure remote access solution to the DODIN and DODIN resources for DoD authorized users.

Capabilities and Services

  • BootMe is differentiated by its non-persistent design, which enhances operational security (OPSEC) by enforcing non-memorable artifacts and minimizing the window of opportunity for external artifacts and elements to persist and compromise DODIN.
  • BootMe reduces the scope of GFE administration to managing the BootMe operating system and its respective applications.
  • BootMe improves the risk posture and overall defense of DODIN through a client integrity inspect-on-connect check that ensures compliance by embedding the Security Technical Implementation Guidelines (STIG) in the integrity check of the BootMe environment.
  • BootMe minimizes risk to DODIN by i) accelerating the prevention, detection, and remediation cycle, ii) leveraging DoD enterprise collaboration, and iii) invoking a frequent, iterative, and incremental methodology to mature the BootMe technology.
  • BootMe enables independent lifecycle management of the O/S. This more AGILE development philosophy is less reliant on external providers and more capable of keeping pace with the evolution of the threat spectrum.
  • The BootMe program management office (PMO) offers the ability for users to request new capabilities. In addition, users can submit issues or defects to the PMO as well.


Due to Bootable Media's simplicity, any user within the DoD should be able to pick it up and begin using it with very little external instruction. Many of the documents and information needed to assist Bootable Media exists on the disc itself (User guide, How-to's, etc).

A video demo of Bootable Media is available on the IASE Cyber Tools training portal.

Requesting Bootable Media

For information on acquiring Bootable Media, visit the CAC-enabled Bootable Media Portal (use email certificate)