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To access the following applications, you must have a DISA Direct user ID/password and you must have the R&R role assigned.

Review & Revalidation
The Review & Revalidation (R&R) is a Department of Defense (DoD) physical inventory and analysis of leased and Government-owned long-haul telecommunications circuits, services and equipment. The R&R process is performed to ensure effective, efficient and economical use of base and long-haul telecommunications circuits, services and equipment. Existing equipment, services, and circuits that have not had a change or reaward action within two years of the current date are required to undergo this process.

The R&R is usually performed by the operational user, network manager, and/or funding agency, as determined by the Heads of the DoD components. DoD units should contact an authorized representative of their MAJCOM, MACOM, Major Claimant or Agency (MMMCA) to obtain guidance concerning MMMCA specific R&R procedures.