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Our Mission

GCSS-J is a key enabler for achieving focused logistics and is essential during peace, contingency, crisis, and war in support of the joint warfighter across the full range of military operations. GCSS-J, the Logistics System of Record, provides a Joint Logistics Common Operational Picture to ensure the right personnel, equipment, supplies, and support are in the right place at the right time and in the right quantities to mobilize, move, and sustain all elements of operating forces to and within a theater or operational area.

Our History

We are an Acquisition Category 1AC, Major Automated Information System.

  • Program Decision Memorandum – Sep 1995
  • Capstone Requirements Document – Jun 2000
  • Designated Rapid Improvement Team Pilot Program participant – Dec 2001
    • Initial Capabilities Document – Jun 2004
    • Capability Development Document – May 2008
    • Capability Production Document – September 2011
    • GCSS-J Increment 8 Milestone review
    • Milestone (MS) B/C – March 2014

    Our Development

    Build a little. Test a little. Deliver.

    GCSS-J uses the agile development method. The results are multiple 20-day development cycles (or sprints) which culminate in a version release. With clearly defined requirements and input from the joint logistics community during development cycles, GCSS-J is able to rapidly develop, test, and field new functionality and enhanced capabilities to users. Requirement validation with users is conducted after every sprint, so there are opportunities to make adjustments based on user feedback. This event is called User Assessment (UA) which shows users a preview of new capabilities and enhancements. To participate in a UA event, please contact us.

    Agile Development Process

    Agile Development Process


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