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Operational Apps Availability for Version 8.2

Cesium Map provides several types of maps including imagery, street view, navigational, shaded relief, and hill shaded with all available in either a 3D or 2D globe or flat map.

Civilian Personnel App to displays DOD Civilian data including name, duty location, pay grade, occupation category, education level, and language skills.

Material Item Catalog Details to provide look-ups based on Federal Supply Code (FSC), National Stock Number (NSN) nomenclature, or Service equipment codes. Displays NSN, nomenclature, Class of Supply, Unit of Issue, Unit Price, HAZMAT indicator, Source of Supply, Unit Pack, CAGE code, and more.

Military Personnel to display Military (Active, Guard, and Reserve) name, duty location, pay grade, Service, citizenship, Service occupation, security clearance, home of record, number of dependents, and more.

OPLAN Analysis to displays data by OPLAN ID in a grid format including UIC, UTC, ULN, C-days, RLD, ALD, EAD, LAD, RDD, total passengers, total cargo, and more. Provides filters by various C-days, and GEOLOCs, and

Unit Equipment to display Service Unit Equipment based on Services’ Property Books.

These are part of the v8.2 release. To view the detailed list of GCSS-J for v8.2 new functionality, click here for more detail: View detailed list of GCSS-J v8.2 New Functionality.