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I have large data IERs (greater than 20 Mb) and none of the IERs go through? Why?


IERs of very large sizes can be dropped due to various reasons including:

a.   Reassembly timeouts: If the time taken by the complete IER to reach the destination is more than the reassembly timer the queue is flushed

b.   Buffer overflows: For IERs of such large sizes the queues at various interfaces may overflow causing packet drops.

c.   Low processing speeds: If the IP processing speeds are low the servicing of the IP datagrams may be slower causing reassembly timeouts on the destination host.

d.   Transport layer: If the transport layer protocol is not reliable (e.g. UDP) or has limit on the size of the application layer packets it can handle, this may also be responsible for the drops at transport layer. In case of the application layer in JCSS the size limitation of the transport layer is handled by segmenting the application layer packets.