The DoD Joint Spectrum Center (JSC) shall assist commercial wireless service providers in siting antennas on Federal property.

Provisions of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, and an Executive Memorandum signed by President Clinton in August 1995, provide for the US Government to accommodate commercially-owned antennas on Federal property. Guidelines for complying with these measures have been provided in a GSA Bulletin (FPMR D-242), which states in part:

Antenna Siting shall be done in accordance with Federal, state, and local laws and regulations and consistent with national security concerns (including minimizing mutual electromagnetic interactions) ... agencies shall charge fees based on market value for siting antennas ... and may use competitive procedures if all applicants cannot be accommodated.

Applying these guidelines to Defense facilities, the Office of Assistant Secretary of Defense for C3I issued a memorandum on 15 December 1997 which states:

To ensure no adverse impacts to DoD systems, Commanders and/or Agency Directors shall coordinate requests for the placement of new telecommunications services on Federal property with the Joint Spectrum Center. The JSC will evaluate the proposed antenna siting ... for potential electromagnetic interference to existing or planned telecommunications operations of the affected government facility. The requestor will be required to reimburse the JSC for the costs.

What does this mean to you?

The General Services Administration (GSA) and the DoD require that potential electromagnetic interference to current and/or future base electronics and spectrum-dependent systems be identified and mitigated before approval of installation of a commercial wireless system is granted. As a commercial wireless provider of SMR, PCS, cellular, microwave, WiMAX, LTE, AWS, etc., you must enlist the services of the JSC to obtain spectrum approval for your proposed antenna/transmitter installation. The Applied Engineering Division of the JSC will complete the required spectrum analyses and provide our results & recommendations to the appropriate military or Federal government agency.