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This page contains frequently asked questions on the Mission Partner Training program.  Have a question? Submit it here.

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Question: What is the purpose of the Mission Partner Training Program?

Answer: The Mission Partner Training Program was developed by the Risk Adjudication and Connection Division (RE4) SMEs to provide a training and education opportunity to mission partners in all areas associated with Enterprise Connections such as: PPSM, DSAWG, Connection Approval, and CDS. The goal for this program is to provide mission partners the policy and process information they need to reduce processing delays due to inaccurate or incomplete information.

Question: How do the topics relate to the DISN Connection Process Guide (CPG)?

Answer: Connection Approval CBTs are extensions and supplementary to the DISN CPG. They are designed as a visual, interactive way to learn the detailed information described in the CPG, and will be continually updated with new versions of the CPG so that the information, processes, and instructions are always consistent between the two.
Question: Is there a difference between the CBT version available for download and the play now version?

Answer: The two versions are available for convenience for our Mission Partners. We understand that some connections may not give the ability to stream the training from the website, so it might be more convenient to let the training download first and then watch. The downloadable version is also something Mission Partners can refer to at a later time. The play now version also has closed captioning enabled for accessibility if it would be more convenient to read the text instead of listening to the voice over.

Question: How are topics picked to be developed into CBTs?

Answer: The topics are picked from a variety of sources. Surveys to the Connection Approval, DSAWG, and PPSM analysts helped the training team determine which questions they received most from mission partners, and in-depth metrics analysis on the top connection approval package rejection reasons continues to contribute. Now that the program is growing, interaction from Mission Partners via email and during the Q&A sessions add to training topics. This program is designed to bring information to Mission Partners that is useful and needed, so the syllabus will always remain flexible based on the needs of Mission Partners. Have a suggestion for a training topic? Submit it here.

Question: Who hosts the Q&A sessions?

Answer: A representative from the Mission Partner Training Program will host and facilitate the sessions and there will be subject matter experts from the different branches in the Risk Adjudication and Connection Division on the line to answer any specific questions you may have.

Question: How do I prepare for a Q&A session?

Answer: We encourage everyone to watch the computer-based training on the topic that will be discussed in the Q&A prior to the session.

Question: How do I attend a Q&A session?

Answer: The Q&A sessions are hosted via Defense Collaboration System (DCS), as well as a teleconference bridge. All audio will occur on the bridge. The DCS will have supplementary documentation, a chat for submitting additional questions, and website links to help us improve the sessions for Mission Partners. Please join both the DCS and teleconference for the best Q&A experience.

Question: What time zone are the times in the Q&A schedule and invitations?

Answer: All Q&A sessions times are EASTERN time (EST/EDT).