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In FY12, the solutions for GCDS transitioned to the DISN Subscription Service (DSS) which enabled GCDS to become a standard service provided by DISA to all DoD Customers.

As such, GCDS solution costs are minimal and applied as a one-time fee.

As of FY15, the rates are as follows:

GCDS Solution Cost (one-time only) Unit
Web Application Delivery* $40,000

Per Hostname (i.e., www.customer.mil)

NetStorage $20,000

Per 1 TB

HD Streaming No Charge** N/A
Web Application Firewall (WAF) No Charge


*Web Application Delivery includes not only the delivery of your web application via GCDS, but also the ability to host your own apology page on NetStorage to be used if the application is unavailable.