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The Information Sharing Systems (ISS) support the DoD NetOps Strategic Vision and Joint Concept of Operations (CONOPS) by providing an environment for bi-directional sharing of information to achieve end-to-end situational awareness about the Global Information Grid (GIG) network infrastructure, dynamic ordering of Defense Information System Network (DISN) products, and e-bonding with suppliers and partners.

The ISS have embraced the Web 2.0 concept of sharing information, allowing many different methods of consuming and providing information. The systems are implemented as a separate, centralized system set outside the protected boundary of the DISN OSS using industry standard Web-based technologies. All DISN information tagged for sharing is published to the ISS for consumption.

The ISS provide the following information sharing services:

  • OSS Central – A unified information portal that provides a single point of access for obtaining information about the DISN using many methods of information dissemination
  • Alarm – Provides near real-time events about the DISN
  • Inventory – Provides operational inventory and configurations of DISN resources
  • Trouble Ticket – Provides trouble ticket data
  • Order Status – Provides status of DISN services and equipment orders
  • Service Quality – Provides service level report information


At the core of the ISS is the OSS Central to provide a common user interface for obtaining information about the DISN. The DISN OSS Central is a Web portal used to obtain information from and provide information to the DISN OSS and DISN operators using an assortment of information sharing technologies including HTML, RSS/Atom feeds, mobile Web, wikis, blogs, and other technologies that embody the Web 2.0 concept. OSS Central is currently available to customers and includes:

  • A unified view across all content
  • The personalization of views
  • An integrated universal search engine
  • A single sign-on
  • A self-help capability
  • A support system for the network user on the move