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The DISN Network Management Systems (NMS) provides a unified operational view of the DISN that includes: network event management, network performance management, problem management, network service reporting.

The NMS gives DISN customers a common operational picture of the DISN and networkwide visibility into its operational performance, along with a centralized repository of DISN physical and logical configurations (planned and operational), tracking of scheduled and unscheduled service-affecting events, and network focused reporting.

The NMS provides systems for the JTFGNO, DISA GNC, Global NetOps Support Center (GNSC), and Theater NetOps Centers (TNCs) to support day-to-day operations and provide DISN end-to-end situational awareness (SA) to the Combatant Commanders and other external customers.

There are four primary systems that comprise the DISN NMS:

  • The Integrated Network Management System (INMS)
  • The Reports Management System (RMS)
  • The Trouble Management System (TMS)
  • The Network Change and Configuration Management (NCCM) System

The INMS provides DISN Situational Awareness to DISA operators and end users. The INMS provides DISA operators a common operational picture of the major DISN networks, and the ability to actively manage those networks. It provides nearreal time displays of alarm and performance data that it aggregates and correlates from the EMS, geographic and logical map views with drill-down capabilities, and many other features.

The RMS provides a common reporting platform to provide trending reports based on information managed by each of the NMS components. It enhances the operator’s ability to proactively determine potential network problems by providing daily, weekly and monthly trend analysis reports, which are helpful in many aspects of managing the DISN.

The TMS is DISA’s standard trouble ticketing system utilized at all Network Support Centers, and other DISA Network Operations Centers (NOCs). TMS provides DISA the capability to track and share information about significant events that occur on the DISN.

The NCCM will be the configuration system for the DISN. It integrates configuration management with workflow and process automation, and scheduling for current and future network planning purposes throughout the system lifecycle of each configuration item.

The DISN NMS is the portal into the operational state of the DISN. It provides integrated event resolution across the many network technologies and network services of the DISN. It provides a centralized event management solution utilizing a common user interface to navigate through the array of networking equipment, alarms, and views and eliminates the “swivel chair” approach to managing a network.

To Obtain a GNSC or an INMS User Account go to: https://www.disa.mil/DGOC/System-Access-Request for instructions, downloadable forms, and additional information.