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This page is provided to enable users to easily convert a DSN number to its commercial equivalent and vice versa. Note that these equivalencies are displayed in the tables. These tables are not complete and may contain errors or omissions. Contact DSN to include your organization in the directory, or to notify us of any changes.

The following tables contain OCONUS DSN/Commercial equivalencies and Commercial/DSN equivalencies, respectively. International dialing codes include: country code - city code - number For placing international commercial calls from the U.S., dial "011" followed by the commercial phone June 25, 2008 Commercial equivalents for other DSN Area Codes (KYXs) are being developed and will be accessible through this page when they are completed.

DSN Phone Commercial Equivalent Country
314 226-1xxx 44-1638-52-1xxx United Kingdom
314 235-6xxx 44-1895-61-6xxx United Kingdom
314 236-1xxx 44-1280-70-8xxx United Kingdom
314 238-1xxx 44-1638-54-1xxx United Kingdom
314 247-4xxx 44-1285-71-4xxx United Kingdom
314 262-1xxx 44-1423-777-1xxx United Kingdom
314 266-1xxx 30-821-66200-1xxx Greece
314 268-3xxx 44-1480-82-3xxx United Kingdom
314 478-xxxx 49-6371-405-xxxx Germany
314 322-1xxx 49-6181-88-xxx Germany
314 330-1xxx 49-69-699-1xxx Germany
314 334-1xxx 49-6133-69-xxx Germany
314 334-1xxx 49-611-82-xxx Germany
314 337-1xxx 49-611-705-xxx Germany
314 343-1xxx 49-6033-82-xxx Germany
314 343-1xxx 49-641-402-xxx Germany
314 348-1xxx 49-6073-38-xxx Germany
314 348-1xxx 49-6151-69-xxx Germany
314 350-1xxx 49-931-889-xxx Germany
314 352-1xxx 49-933-87-xxx Germany
314 353-1xxx 49-9721-96-xxx Germany
314 355-1xxx 49-9321-702-xxx Germany
314 360-1xxx 31-46-443-7xxx Netherlands
314 365-1xxx 32-707-1xxx Belgium
314 370-1xxx 49-6221-57-xxx Germany
314 378-1xxx 49-7274-58-xxx Germany
314 380-1xxx 49-621-730-xxx Germany
314 423-7xxx 365-44-1xxx Belgium
314 430-1xxx 49-711-680-xxx Germany
314 435-1xxx 49-6042-80-xxx Germany
314 440-1xxx 49-8821-750-xxx Germany
314 452-1xxx 49-6565-61-xxx Germany
314 466-1xxx 49-9472-83-xxx Germany
314 467-1xxx 49-981-183-xxx Germany
314 467-1xxx 49-9841-83-xxx Germany
314 469-1xxx 49-951-300-xxx Germany
314 475-1xxx 49-9641-83-xxx Germany
314 476-1xxx 49-9662-83-xxx Germany
314 480-1xxx 49-6371-47-1xxx Germany
314 480-2xxx 49-6371-47-2xxx Germany
314 481-xxxx 49-6372-84-2xxx Germany
314 483-1xxx 49-631-411-xxx Germany
314 485-1xxx 49-6783-6-1xxx Germany
314 485-1xxx 49-6781-402-1xxx Germany
314 485-1xxx 49-6782-13-1xxx Germany
314 486-1xxx 49-6372-842-xxx Germany
314 496-1xxx 49-6302-67-1xxx Germany
314 623-1xxx 39-0789-798-1xxx Italy
314 624-1xxx 39-095-56-1xxx Italy
314 632-1xxx 39-0434-66-7xxx Italy
314 633-7xxx 39-050-54-7xxx Italy
314 634-1xxx 39-0444-51-1xxx Italy
314 634-1xxx 39-0444-51-xxx Italy
314 672-1xxx 90-312-468-6xxx Turkey
314 675-1xxx 90-232-484-1xxx Turkey
314 676-1xxx 90-322-316-1xxx Turkey
314 722-1xxx 34-95-584-8xxx Spain
314 727-1xxx 34-956-82-1xxx Spain
315 736-xxxx 822-7916x-xxxx Korea
318 435-1xxx 966-1-478-1xxx Saudi Arabia
318 438-xxxx 968-468-xxxx Kuwait
318 439-4xxx 973-724-xxx Bahrain
Commercial Phone DSN Equivalent Country
30-821-66200-1xxx 314 266-1xxx Greece
31-46-443-7xxx 314 360-1xxx Netherlands
32-707-1xxx 314 365-1xxx Belgium
34-95-584-8xxx 314 722-1xxx Spain
34-956-82-1xxx 314 727-1xxx Spain
365-44-1xxx 314 423-7xxx Belgium
39-0434-66-7xxx 314 632-1xxx Italy
39-0444-51-1xxx 314 634-1xxx Italy
39-0444-51-xxx 314 634-1xxx Italy
39-050-54-7xxx 314 633-7xxx Italy
39-0789-798-1xxx 314 623-1xxx Italy
39-095-56-1xxx 314 624-1xxx Italy
44-1280-70-8xxx 314 236-1xxx United Kingdom
44-1285-71-4xxx 314 247-4xxx United Kingdom
44-1423-777-1xxx 314 262-1xxx United Kingdom
44-1480-82-3xxx 314 268-3xxx United Kingdom
44-1638-52-1xxx 314 226-1xxx United Kingdom
44-1638-54-1xxx 314 238-1xxx United Kingdom
44-1895-61-6xxx 314 235-6xxx United Kingdom
49-6033-82-xxx 314 343-1xxx Germany
49-6042-80-xxx 314 435-1xxx Germany
49-6073-38-xxx 314 348-1xxx Germany
49-611-705-xxx 314 337-1xxx Germany
49-611-82-xxx 314 334-1xxx Germany
49-6133-69-xxx 314 334-1xxx Germany
49-6151-69-xxx 314 348-1xxx Germany
49-6181-88-xxx 314 322-1xxx Germany
49-621-730-xxx 314 380-1xxx Germany
49-6221-57-xxx 314 370-1xxx Germany
49-6302-67-1xxx 314 496-1xxx Germany
49-631-411-xxx 314 483-1xxx Germany
49-6371-47-1xxx 314 480-1xxx Germany
49-6371-47-2xxx 314 480-2xxx Germany
49-6372-842-xxx 314 486-1xxx Germany
49-641-402-xxx 314 343-1xxx Germany
49-6565-61-xxx 314 452-1xxx Germany
49-6781-402-1xxx 314 485-1xxx Germany
49-6782-13-1xxx 314 485-1xxx Germany
49-6783-6-1xxx 314 485-1xxx Germany
49-69-699-1xxx 314 330-1xxx Germany
49-711-680-xxx 314 430-1xxx Germany
49-7274-58-xxx 314 378-1xxx Germany
49-8821-750-xxx 314 440-1xxx Germany
49-931-889-xxx 314 350-1xxx Germany
49-9321-702-xxx 314 355-1xxx Germany
49-933-87-xxx 314 352-1xxx Germany
49-9472-83-xxx 314 466-1xxx Germany
49-951-300-xxx 314 469-1xxx Germany
49-9641-83-xxx 314 475-1xxx Germany
49-9662-83-xxx 314 476-1xxx Germany
49-9721-96-xxx 314 353-1xxx Germany
49-981-183-xxx 314 467-1xxx Germany
49-9841-83-xxx 314 467-1xxx Germany
822-7916-xxxx 315-736-xxxx Korea
90-232-484-1xxx 314 675-1xxx Turkey
90-312-468-6xxx 314 672-1xxx Turkey
90-322-316-1xxx 314 676-1xxx Turkey
966-1-478-1xxx 318 435-1xxx Saudi Arabia
968-468-xxxx 318 438-xxxx Kuwait
973-724-xxx 318 439-4xxx Bahrain