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DISA has the responsibility to provide global on-line ISDN Video to all DoD customers as authorized by ASD, the DISA Director; and the Joint Staff


  • Comply with the ASD task to transition all commercial legacy networks to the DISN

  • Comply with the Congressional Mandate to provide online training any time and any where to the warfighter

  • Comply with the DISA Director, tasking to provide the long-haul infrastructure

  • Ensure end-to-end interoperability and security

  • Comply with JITC Certification Process

  • Support MILDEP/Camp/Station with ISDN Dial-Up Video Services

    Take advantage of the DISN free bandwidth option.

    • Connect your video site to the back of the site end office switch with BRI or PRIs. Get the connectivity via a local service request from your telecom manager at the site.
      • If you use BRI connectivity it is cheaper, but there is a distance limitation involved.
      • If you use a PRI to connect from the site video to the back of the site end office switch, it is necessary to buy an IMUX (that is on the APL) to accommodate the PRI connection to the back of the site switch. This also takes a local service request to the site telecom manager.
    • Once the site video connectivity is established as mentioned, comply with the DDOE request for service.

    Customers include:

    • DVS-G - 3000 DSN Video users
    • Army Distributed Learning - 429 classrooms globally
    • Air Force Reserve Centers - 50 conference rooms in CONUS

    The DSN Video Usage has increased from 306,462 minutes to 4,025,086 by the end of FY05 and continues to increase as new customers come on to the DSN.


  • Customers can choose to use from 64 Kbps to 384 Kbps video services
  • ISDN Video Services are available around the clock. There are no time constraints on the service.
  • The DSN grows according to customer requirements with 25 percent surge protection.

    * Go to www.ditco.disa.mil and use the DISA Direct Order Entry (DDOE) for online provisioning.
    * Classes are available at Scott Air Force Base to assist customers with the online provisioning system.


    CJCSI.01b and ASD (NII) 8100.3 mandates that customers buy nformation assurance (IA) and interoperability (IO) tested and certified equipment to use the DoD DSN. The DSN is the DoD closed network. It has military-unique requirements and features that are not available on commercial networks. The testing and certification process maintains the reliability, availability and viability of the network. An example of the robustness of the DSN is when 9-11 occurred; the DSN was not hampered by the glut of calls precipitated from that terrorist attack.

    The Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) in Arizona tests and certifies all new equipment that touches the DSN. The information assurance testing and accreditation is also done at the JITC.

    The JITC website provides an Approved Products List (APL) with all the equipment and switches that are currently approved for use.

    If a customer wants to buy equipment that is not on the APL, contact the DSN GS234 Unified Capabilities Connection Office (UCCO) to get on the schedule at the JITC to be tested and certified.

    It saves time to buy equipment that is on the APL if that equipment meets the customers' needs because it can take as much as six months lead time to get on the schedule for testing and certification.