Benefits of the JELA Experience:

  • Centralized Governance
  • Enhanced Negotiation Positions
  • Improved Operational Efficiencies
  • Standardized and Reduced Pricing
  • Cost Savings
  • Transferability of Licenses Between Services/Agencies
  • Sharing of Best Practices and Lessons Learned
  • Increased Asset Visibility
  • Builds upon existing strategic sourcing agreements, such as DOD Enterprise Software Initiative
  • Provides established contractual agreements with set pricing and specific terms and conditions such as: consolidated orders, deeply discounted pricing (due to expansive consolidation and bulk buying power) and committed funding
  • Offers streamlined program and contract management
  • Federal Contracting Officer Representative structure (per enrollment)
Leverage Buying Power
  • ➢Strengthen DoDs Buying ➢Power
  • ➢Price Reductions
  • ➢Access to Faster Product Delivery
Improve Terms
  • ➢Consistent Terms & ➢Conditions
  • ➢Reutilization of Commodity
  • ➢Visibility of Spend
Improve Efficiencies
  • ➢Process Improvements to ➢Reduce Internal cost
  • ➢Reduced Transactions ➢Improves Ordering ➢Efficiencies
  • ➢Standardized Requirements
Supports strategic sourcing objectives which are mandated by National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA)

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