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As the Department of Defense's cutting-edge Zero Trust network access and application security architecture, Thunderdome is transforming the way we approach cybersecurity and network infrastructure.

Comprised of a comprehensive suite of IT and cyber-based technologies, Thunderdome leverages enterprise Identity Credentials and Access Management (ICAM), commercial Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), and software-defined networking and security tools to provide unparalleled protection and reliability.

Embrace the future of cybersecurity with Thunderdome, as we embark on a substantial shift for the DOD, delivering next-generation solutions for a safer and more secure digital landscape.

Unlocking the Power of Thunderdome: Transforming Security and Performance

At the heart of Thunderdome's revolutionary approach lies a robust arsenal of network fortification tools and cutting-edge segmentation technologies, setting the stage for an unparalleled level of defense against adversarial threats. How does Thunderdome achieve this remarkable feat? By redefining the very foundation of network security through a dynamic interplay of essential principles:

Zero Trust Security Reinvented
Thunderdome enhances the traditional defense-in-depth security model by assuming that no user or device is trustworthy by default. Access is granted only after verification of the identity and security post.
Elevated Security, Amplified Performance
Thunderdome will enhance both security and network performance.
Identity-Centric Access
Thunderdome is rooted in the need to verify a user’s identity using enhanced security controls, providing access only to individuals who have a need to know.
Championing DOD's Mandate
Thunderdome employs three basic and modern Zero Trust concepts:
  • Verifying the user AND the device
  • Making access and privileges conditional
  • Verifying the data and applications explicitly

Fundamentally, Thunderdome transcends the boundaries of conventional security paradigms, ushering in a new era of defense, optimized performance and simplified administration. Join us as we delve deeper into Thunderdome's intricate workings, and embark on a journey towards a safer, smarter and more secure digital frontier.

Empowering Your Digital Future: Why Thunderdome Matters

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, Thunderdome emerges as your indispensable ally, offering a suite of capabilities that transcend traditional boundaries. But why should you care? What sets Thunderdome apart and makes it a must-have for the modern age? Let us unveil the compelling reasons that make Thunderdome an essential addition to your arsenal:

Seamless Identity and Endpoint Synergy
Thunderdome will simplify user access, by leveraging the cloud and eliminating the need for traditional Virtual Private Networks (VPN) to access the internet or DOD’s network.
Simplified Access, Unleashed Cloud Potential
Thunderdome will simplify user access, by leveraging the cloud and eliminating the need for a traditional Virtual Private Networks (VPN) to access the Internet or DOD’s network.
Pioneering Zero Trust Compliance
Thunderdome will significantly move the DOD toward Zero Trust compliance when used in combination with other DISA services.
Allegiance to Higher Federal Mandates
  • It aligns to the president’s Executive Order on Improving the Nation's Cybersecurity.
  • It aligns with the 2022 National Defense Strategy.
    • The 2022 National Defense Strategy focuses on deterrence through resilience and challenges the department to improve its ability to operate and defend across a multi-domain battlefield. Because the cyber and space domains empower the joint force, Thunderdome is one way DISA is prioritizing cyber resilience through Zero Trust architecture to improve the warfighter’s ability to fight through disruption through improved defensive capabilities.
  • It aligns with the DOD Zero Trust Strategy.
    • The DOD Zero Trust Strategy provides guidance and a roadmap for the department’s implementation of a new and holistic approach to cybersecurity by FY27. The strategy outlines four high-level and integrated strategic goals that define what the department will do to achieve its vision for Zero Trust: culture adoption, security and defense of information systems, technology acceleration and Zero Trust enablement.
Elevating User Experience and Efficiency
Thunderdome users should see their devices work faster and more efficiently providing them a better user experience, because of network routing optimization and a reduced number of required security applications.
Choice and Flexibility for Mission Partners
Mission partners (customers) can choose between a DISA-managed Thunderdome option, or a self-managed tenancy that enables them to still benefit from DISA’s existing integrations at reduced licensing costs.
Revolutionizing Interoperability and Command
Thunderdome’s capability will bolster interoperability and enhance command and control through a software-defined networking infrastructure and remote zero trust network access (ZTNA).
  • A unified ZTNA offering will streamline operations of network and security infrastructure, ensuring centralized security policies are applied to all relevant infrastructure at the push of a button.

In essence, Thunderdome is not just a solution; it's your gateway to a future fortified against adversarial threats, powered by cutting-edge technology, and aligned with the highest standards of federal mandates. Join us as we embrace the promise of Thunderdome, shaping a digital realm where security, performance and innovation converge to create a safer and more resilient future.

Other Transaction Agreement/Authority

DISA awarded a follow-on production OTA for Thunderdome on July 26, 2023.
This follow-on agreement to Booz Allen Hamilton is designed to broadly implement and operate Thunderdome’s Zero Trust network access and application security architecture, and comes after the successful completion of an 18-month prototype. The period of performance for this follow-on OTA is a one-year base period, with four one-year option periods for a total agreement lifecycle of five years (August 2023 through August 2028).

For more information on Thunderdome visit DISA Storefront (Common Access Card required for access) and visit the DOD Chief Information Officer website.

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