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DSAWG Overview

DSAWG SealsThe Defense Security/Cybersecurity Authorization Working Group (DSAWG) is the first accreditation or accreditation review level for the transport, network management, and network segments of the Defense Information Systems Network (DISN) for the Department of Defense Information Networks (DoDIN). In addition, as the community jury for evaluating risk to the DISN/DoDIN, the DSAWG reviews specific topic areas assigned by the DISN/DoDIN Principal Accrediting Authorities (PAAs) in their capacity as the DoD ISRMC.

For information regarding DSAWG, please visit the DSAWG's websites below. For questions regarding DSAWG, please contact the DSAWG Secretariat by phone at (301) 225-2905, DSN 312-375-2905 or send messages to (NIPRNet) or (SIPRNet).

NIPRNet DSAWG References

DSAWG Internal
DSAWG Intelink on NIPRNet

Access to limited information on DSAWG meeting. For full access to DSAWG briefings, agendas, minutes, evotes, evote results, DSAWG's historical records, and hot IA topics, visit the DSAWG Intelink on SIPR (see below).

DSAWG Wiki Page DSAWG NIPRNet Wiki Page on Intelink
DSAWG IASE Home Page Information Assurance related DSAWG material
DSAWG SharePoint DISA DEPS (SharePoint) for the DSAWG

DSAWG External
UCDSMO United Cross Domain Management Office
Risk Management Framework (RMF) Knowledge Service
The Risk Management Framework (RMF) Knowledge Service (KS) is DoD's official site for enterprise RMF policy and implementation guidelines. The RMF Knowledge Service provides Cybersecurity practitioners and managers with a single authorized source for execution and implementation guidance, community forums, and the latest information and developments in the RMF.

DoD Directives/ Instructions/ Memorandums The DSAWG recommends all mission partners read and be familiar with the following:
  • DoDD 8000.01, "Management of the Department of Defense Information Enterprise"  
  • DoDD O-8530.1, "Computer Network Defense (CND)"
  • DoDD 8570.01, "Information Assurance (IA) Training, Certification, and Workforce Management"
  • DoDI 8110.1, "Multinational Information Sharing Networks Implementation"
  • DoDI 8410.02, "NETOPS for the Department of Defense Information Networks (DoDIN)"
  • DoDI 8500.01, "CyberSecurity"
  • DoDI 8510.01, "Risk Management Framework (RMF) for DOD Information Technology (IT)"
  • DoDI 8520.02, "Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and Public Key (PK) Enabling"
  • DoDI O-8530.2, "Support to Computer Network Defense (CND)"
  • DoDI 8551.01, "Ports, Protocols, and Services (PPSM)"
  • DoDI 8552.01, "Use of Mobile Code Technologies in DoD Information Systems"
  • Department of Defense Mobile Device Strategy, 8 June 2012
CJCSI.6211.02D, "DISN Responsibilities" Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff Instruction, Defense Information Systems Network Responsibilities which mandates that all connections to the DISN must be in accordance with the DISN Connection Process Guide

SIPRNet DSAWG References

DSAWG Intelink (SIPRNet)

Access to DSAWG briefings, agendas, minutes, evotes, evote results, and hot IA topics on SIPR Inteklink

Department of Defense Information Security Risk Management Committee (DOD ISRMC) (SIPRNet)

DOD ISRMC SIPRNet Wiki page on Intelink


UCDSMO SIPRNet Wiki page on Intelink


DSAWG SIPRNet web page on IASE