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The Technology Analysis, Integration, and Transition Office is responsible for providing strategic vision and advice to the Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Director, and Vice Director relative to advanced and emerging technologies and alignment of emerging technologies and capabilities with the DISA Campaign Plan and mission objectives.  TO1 supports the CTO, PEOs, and Directorates in matters pertaining to technology investments and management, including formulating partnerships with government and industry leaders on technology development and forecasting.  TO1 also provides technical consultation on a broad range of topics and issues such as wireless and mobile computing, transport technologies, net-centricity compliance, collaboration services, Web 2.0, cloud computing, and social networking.


  • Lead and oversee Technical Reviews, Technology Assessments and Evaluations, and Technology Readiness Assessments (TRA).
  • Establish and maintain the Technology Assessment Center (TAC) for leading edge product and net-centric/enterprise service assessments, demonstrations, and proofs of concept.
  • Provide technical consultation on a broad range of topics and issues, including:
    • Development and institutionalization of the Technology Management Framework and its key attributes and processes, including the DISA  Strategic Technology Plan, Technology Watch-list, TMF tool suite, Innovation Sourcebook, and other products and services that will assist DISA in targeting technology investments and program technology baseline evolution.
    • Support DoD policy, accreditation, and implementation of wireless and mobile computing devices
    • Support advanced Joint C2 capabilities including Joint Information Environment (JIE), enterprise services, cloud computing, communications/networking, and emerging information technologies.
  • Perform liaison and subject matter expert roles as part of the DISA team working with forums such as the Israeli Defense Force C4I organization.  This effort provides technical topic area briefings for wireless services in addition to helping determining technical areas of mutual interest, with the goal of solving strategic and battlefield technical challenges that face both organizations.