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The Innovation and Business Division is responsible for providing strategic leadership, guidance/direction, and services across the division, including technical consultation on a broad range of topics and issues.


  • Lead and oversee the Technology Initiatives program for the agency which includes the Vice Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff initiatives.  Establish and continuously improve engineering, organization and administrative processes for the Office of the CTO.
  • Lead the technology innovation program, a dual-hat assignment that provides expert consulting in assigned areas of computer science and engineering; participation in developing technical strategy, consulting and conducting technical reviews.  This effort includes management of the Chief Engineering Panel.
  • Manage the Forge.mil Project to provide developers within the DoD community a collaborative software development tool suite with the policies, processes and tools needed to enable rapid development, test, certification, deployment and acceptance of new products and services on the GIG.  Forge.mil provides an integrated application lifecycle management capability plus development and test infrastructure.
  • Champion all budget, programmatics and contracts efforts for the OCTO, including budgetary and programmatic processes, acquisition strategy, POM submissions, budget exhibits and spend plan submissions.
  • Perform civilian and military personnel actions, personnel support and management of travel, training, security and property management.