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The DISA Technology Transfer (T2) Program provides a formal venue for establishing collaborative partnerships with industry, academia, state and local government, and other federal agencies. These partnerships are intended to accelerate the development and transition of innovative technologies to support the joint warfighters and to stimulate the civilian economy.

The DISA T2 Program Office serves as the agency-wide official for establishing, managing, facilitating, and reporting all T2 processes, activities, and related functions.

T2 initiatives are executed through a variety of mechanisms. The DISA T2 Program primarily facilitates Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADA), Education Partnership Agreements (EPA), and Limited Purpose CRADAs through DISA’s Office of Research and Technology Applications (ORTA). The ORTA is located within the Chief Technology Office (CTO) and is responsible for the administration, facilitation, and management of T2 agreements, processes, and activities. The ORTA is the focal point for implementing T2 and connecting people and organizations outside the Agency with programs and organizations inside the Agency that are essential to effective T2 (i.e., industry, academia, state and local organizations, professional and trade groups, and other Federal laboratories).


  • Assessing resources and technologies, including intellectual property, which may have potential commercial applications
  • Providing and disseminating information on laboratory owned or originated materials, processes, and services having potential application to private industry, as well as to state and local governments
  • Cooperating with and assisting the Federal Laboratory Consortium (FLC) for T2, the regional T2 centers, and other organizations that link the research and development resources of DISA and the federal government to potential users in state and local governments and private industry
  • Providing technical assistance to state and local government officials
  • Participating in regional, state, and local programs designed to facilitate or stimulate the transfer of technology for the benefit of the region or state

The ORTA also performs other functions essential for program operations and T2 execution, including:

  • Facilitating and brokering T2 agreements
  • Providing T2 education and awareness to the DISA workforce
  • Hosting intellectual property training to the DISA workforce
  • Reporting and briefing technology transfer activities to Chief Technology Officer and Assistant Secretary Defense (Research and Engineering)
  • Establishing technology transfer plans with DISA program elements throughout the Agency
  • Working with general counsel to incorporate legislative updates and legal requirements into DISA’s T2 agreements and processes
  • Working with the engineers to monitor and manage T2 accomplishments and success stories
  • Implementing continuous program improvements