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The Joint Cyber Implementation Program (JCIP) is an integral piece of the Infrastructure Directorate's Implementation and Installation Division (IE4) when it comes to putting "boots on the ground" to execute site installations on the Defense Information Systems Network (DISN). JCIP is a joint military organization within DISA that is comprised of Reserve Component members from the Air National Guard and Army Reserve on full-time active duty, and JCIP members travel worldwide at an average 200 days per year to perform site installations and related workload. These projects support the DoD and National Leaders including the President, Secretary of Defense, Combatant Commanders, Military Departments, and other DISA stakeholders. JCIP supports the DoDIN through engineering, project management, and installation of technology that provides leading-edge, real-time net-defense support for the warfighter.


To engineer, install, and enable DoD information-sharing capabilities which provide a globally accessible enterprise information infrastructure in support of joint warfighters, national level leaders, and other mission and coalition partners across the full spectrum of military operations.


DISA's agile, deployable force delivering consistent, reliable, and professional site implementation services, on short notice, worldwide.


DISA JCIP is organized under the Infrastructure Directorate's Implementation and Installation Division, which is tasked with network infrastructure implementation requirements across the DoDIN, to include:

  • Circuit transitions
  • Network sustainment and/or enhancement
  • Equipment lifecycle replacement
  • Backbone upgrades
  • Network equipment configuration and installation
  • Circuit testing, troubleshooting, and crossover actions
  • Cross-connect cabling
  • Site surveys
  • Project management
  • Quality assurance inspections
  • Circuit Rehome


JCIP is comprised of reservists chosen for their skills, experience, and mission-focused approach to site implementation challenges. Positions are available on an annual rotational basis, and opportunities are advertised through the Personnel Force Innovation (PFI) program website at http://pfi.dod.mil