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What is an Initiative?

A CFBLNet Initiative is described as "any experiment, trial demonstration, training or other activity" utilizing the CFBLNet. [Publication 1, Main Document, Organization and Responsibilities, para. 213]

What is a CIIP?

A CIIP describes, in detail, an experiment to be conducted on the CFBLNet infrastructure and includes information such as a detailed descriptions and diagrams, schedule of events, participation list, points-of-contact, and network and security aspects, etc. The data contained in the CIIP is used to coordinate and allocate resources so that the experiment can be properly executed.

What is the CPT?

The CFBLNet Productivity Tool (CPT) is a web application, designed to process and manage CFBLNet Initiative Information Packages (CIIP). CIIP data was traditionally stored in document files on multiple systems. To CPT modernizes this task. The CPT's primary capability is to provide a centralized online tool for inputting and submitting CIIP data for approval consideration.

Accessing the CPT

CFBLNet Productivity Tool
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Submitting a CIIP

Submission of the CIIP is required in order to be considered for approval by the CFBLNet community. Initiative Sponsors should complete the online CPT form. However, only CFBLNet Mission Partner Leads can submit CIIPs for approval. All information provided via the CIIP must be UNCLASSIFIED. Any classified information should be communicated separately.

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