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Form Form Name
Benefit Forms to DFAS

Tentative Offer (Personnel Representative will indicate which of these are required)

SF 78  Certificate of Medical Examination
DCIPS Statement of Understanding DCIPS Statement of Understanding
DD 2365 Emergency Essential Position Agreement for DoD Civilian Employees Overseas

Background Checks (Personnel Representative will indicate which of these forms are also required)

OF 306 Declaration of Federal Employment (if not previously submitted during employment source verification process)

In-Processing Forms (Required Forms)

SF 61 Appointment Affidavit
SF 144 Statement of Prior Federal Service
SF 181 Race and National Origin Identification
SF 256  Self-Identification of Handicap
SF 2809 Health Benefits Registration Form
SF 2817 Life Insurance Election (FEGLI)
TSP Instruction Summary of Thrift Savings Plan for Federal Employees
TSP-1 Thrift Savings Plan Election Form
SF 1190 Foreign Allowances Application Grant and Report (For Post Allowance Only Full-time Employees)
DISA Form 224 Change of Legal, Home or Check Mailing Address, Telephone or Emergency Address
DISA Form 160 Civilian Personnel Data Bank
Military Status Form Military Status Form
DISA Instruction Ethics Certification Standard of Ethical Conduct
DoD Instruction Standards of Conduct

The following MUST be forwarded to your Payroll Customer Service Representative:

Form W-4 Federal Tax Form
Other Tax Forms
D-4, MW507, VA-4, AZ A-4WV/IT-104
State Tax Forms (Fill out only the one which you reside)
Form 2231 Direct Deposit Sign-up Form

Additional Forms (Personnel Representative will indicate which of these forms are also required)

OGE 450 Confidential Financial Disclosure Report
SF 15 Application for 10-Point Veteran's Preference
RI 20-97 Estimated Earnings During Military Service (Optional, Prior military only. not retired)
SF 813 Verification of Military Retiree's Service in Non-Wartime Campaigns or Expeditions
SF 1152 Designation of Unpaid Compensation
SF 2823 Designation of Beneficiary (FEGLI)
SF 3102 Designation of Beneficiary (FERS)
FERS Instruction Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS)
TSP-3 Thrift Savings Plan Designation of Beneficiary
SF 3109 Election of Coverage Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS)
RI-38-134 Election to Retain NAF Retirement Coverage
Notification to Request Your Official Personnel Folder (OPF) 
FEGLI Booklet Federal Employees' Group Life Insurance
FEHB Plan Guide Federal Employees Health Benefits Program Handbook