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Career Series: 2210 – Information Technology Specialist

Educational Background:
When I joined DISA I had a Masters of Information Systems in Communications Technology from Strayer University.

How I found out about the Intern Program:
I first learned about DISA at a Strayer University career fair.

The reason I decided to take this position:
The first thing that attracted me to this position was the opportunity to be a part of something great; something significant. The accelerated promotions, on-the-job training, educational training support, and educational stipend were other attractive features.

After joining DISA, I completed a Master's degree in Computer Systems Management with an Information Assurance Concentration at University of Maryland University College. 90 percent of the degree program was funded through the Intern Program, and I was able to obtain funding from DISA for the remaining 10 percent as well.

What I do to support our nation's Warfighters:
My team establishes the requirements used to build enterprise-wide technical solutions for the DoD. The systems I am responsible for support the warfighter both directly and indirectly.

I am currently working in Knowledge Management — designing more effective and efficient ways of producing, extracting, and storing the data that enables the DoD to defend our networks in Cyberspace.

My favorite work-life benefit:
I take advantage of the wellness program 3 days a week, for an hour each day at DISA’s onsite fitness facility.

I also love the compressed work schedule, which benefits not only me, but also my family. By working an extra hour each day, I am able to have every-other Friday off. This benefit allows me to save money in gas, as well as four hours of commuting time. On my compressed day off, I am able to take care of personal business during the weekday, visit my family, and check on my children in school.

My advice to those interested in an information technology specialist intern position at DISA:
DISA’s intern program is most definitely the best program for people who want to make a difference and be a part of something great and rewarding. This program offers opportunities for accelerated advancements and is a great way to enter into the federal government.

The intern program promotes higher learning and the educational requirements built into the program will enhance both your job skills and personal development. 

Before I entered the intern program, I had no formal training in my field. I have since acquired so much knowledge and experience that I can perform aptly in the fields of computer science, information technology, and program management. The DISA intern program produces employees well-versed in their occupational field and with the skills to perform in a variety of settings.