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Career Series: 343 - Management Analyst

Educational Background:
I was a junior majoring in English at The University of Maryland Eastern Shore when I entered into the DISA Student Career Experience Program (SCEP) in May 2006. Upon completion of my degree in May 2008, I was converted into the Intern Program.

How I found out about the Intern Program:
I heard about DISA through a friend and applied for a SCEP position online. In the SCEP program, I was a Student Trainee Management Analyst. While working as a SCEP, my supervisor informed me that once I received my bachelor’s I could be converted into the Intern Program.

The reason I decided to take this position:
The Intern Program has allowed me to advance my career within DISA and utilize my skills more efficiently while supporting our government. I am also an active member of the Intern Council, which serves to provide all Interns with career guidance and networking opportunities.

What I do to support our nation's Warfighters:
I coordinate the hiring process for students who plan to become Electronic Engineers, Computer Engineers, Computer Scientists, and IT Specialists at DISA. These students will use information, communication, and advanced technology to support the warfighter.

My favorite work-life benefit:
Telework! I love that I have the option to work from home.

My advice to those interested in a management analyst intern position at DISA:
I encourage all of my friends to apply to work at DISA. I love it! DISA is not just a government agency, it’s like a family.

I have a bachelor’s degree in English and I am pursuing a dual degree in Human Resource Management and Leadership Development. Being a Management Analyst and working to hire engineering personnel, has allowed me to utilize my skills in the career path that I am studying. Working for DISA stimulates my mind, enhances my professionalism, and allows me to apply the techniques that I am learning in the classroom in my daily work.