DISA is pleased to announce the CY2017 ACAS Schedule Has Been Posted to IASE and Courses are OPEN FOR ENROLLMENT

DATE: Courses June through December 2017


The ACAS instructor-led classroom training course will focus on how to use the ACAS system tool suite, including the SecurityCenter 5.4 console, Nessus Vulnerability Scanner (Nessus®) and the Passive Vulnerability Scanner (PVS). The classroom training will be taught by HP instructors using training materials customized to align with the ACAS system. Students will be required to take an end-of-course certification exam and will receive a certificate of completion. This four-day foundational course will provide ACAS SecurityCenter users with the skills and knowledge necessary to discover and report relevant security information using the ACAS system products.



Through lecture, group activities, and hands-on lab exercises, participants will learn the building blocks of SecurityCenter management, learn to initiate active scans, evaluate vulnerabilities, and monitor system compliance, evaluate role-based responsibilities within a security organization, organize systems and network segments into logical groups, and customize reports to detail findings.


Open to All DoD employees (military, civilian, and government contractors) who have the responsibility for implementing, managing, maintaining, and supervising ACAS operators.


1. There are not specific prerequisites for the ACAS course. However, it is recommended that students have a basic knowledge of: Vulnerability Management (IAVM) and/or Compliance Auditing (STIG/SCAP), IS/IA concepts, vulnerability scanning tools and basic networking concepts.
2. Submit completed SF182 based on instructions below.


You can view the current ACAS classroom schedule and register online by going to the following address: 

Registration form requests and all training inquiries should be addressed to the DISA Training Team at:

DISA Training Team POCs:

Mr. Edward Williams, Phone:  (717) 267-9937, Email:

Ms. Patricia McDonald / Phone:  (717) 267-9448 / Email:


  1. Training is open to all military, civilian and contractor employees who have a need for ACAS training.
  2. Classes are free, but all travel expenses are the responsibility of the student/organization.
  3. Additional training opportunities for ACAS are located at the following URL: