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PE Objectives

  • Improve Performance of the GIG based on requirements, policies, and guidance stated in DISAC 310-70-57, and
    • DISA Circulars and Pubs
    • NFPA, OSHA, FCC, etc.
    • Emphasis directed toward performance of facility and determining if problems exist that are affecting:
      • Operational Capability
      • Service to Customers
      • System Quality and Reliability  


      PE Procedures

      • Present significant problems to appropriate levels of command
      • Work with site to ensure deficiencies and problem areas have a course of action for resolution
      • Evaluate the performance of the GIG equipment
      • Check actual performance of the trunks and examine circuit records and logs
      • Assist site in correcting trunk and circuit problems during PE (if applicable)
      • Evaluate site personnel responsibilities
        • to operate test equipment
        • to configure various electrical interfaces
        • to implement restoral actions
        • to troubleshoot trunks and circuits
        • Document site concerns and issues supporting the GIG
        • Checklists utilized by PE Team
          • Copies provided in advance
          • Six checklists are listed below
          • Checklists are only guidelines and the PE Team is not limited to evaluating only those items on the lists.


          PE Checklists

          ATM Checklist WORD
          NIPRNet/SIPRNet Checklist WORD
          PROMINA Inspection Checklist WORD
          ESONet Equipment Checklist WORD
          DISA Power, Environmental, Grounding, Bonding and Shielding Checklist WORD
          Technical Control Checklist WORD
          DSCS Checklist PDF
          STEP Checklist PDF

          O & M Responsibilities after Final PE Report

          • Initiate corrective actions as appropriate
            • Endorse the report to the next higher O&M headquarters within 30 working days after receipt of the report.
            • Specifically address the discussions and recommended corrective actions for each deficiency and item.
            • Provide estimated completion dates and follow-up suspense dates as appropriate.
            • Provide a copy of the endorsement to DISA CONUS RN23 Quality Assurance Branch.
            • Follow-up on reports required every 90 days on open deficiencies and items. 



            • Support Required:
              • POC for Visitor Access Requests
              • Briefing room for formal in/out-briefs with projector
              • Work area for PE team in or near TCF or PTF area
              • Printer Support
              • Computer access for Web-based e-mail (if available)
              • Information Required:
                • Distribution List
                • Personnel Contacted
                • Mission Statement
                • Single line power diagram and Grounding grid diagram  


                Reference Material  (requires DOD-Issued PKI Certificate)