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Authorized Service Interruptions (ASIs) Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

The following information is taken from DISA Circular 310-70-1, Chapter 7. This document is available on the DISA web page under the publications area.

The CONUS GNSC uses this circular as a guide for establishing the Authorized Service Interruption (ASI) procedures on the CONUS portion of the Global Information Grid. There are two main types of ASIs on the DISN: those initiated by node sites (field locations) and those initiated by the DISA CONUS.

For ASIs initiated by a field location the serving TCF/PTF is responsible for requesting and scheduling ASIs. If a serving TCF/PTF is not situated in the local area then the next lower O&M element assumes responsibility for requesting and scheduling authorized outages.

No later than 21 days before a scheduled service interruption, the TCF/PTF or other responsible O&M element must notify the CONUS GNSC of the requirement for the outage and request preliminary approval for the ASI. Requests must include the following information:

  • The date and inclusive times of the scheduled interruption, and an alternate date and time.
  • The purpose of the scheduled interruption
  • A statement that all required parts and/or equipment are available to complete the repair action.
  • A statement saying that all avenues of bypass capability have been considered.
  • Identify the organization that will accomplish the repair.
  • Identify the specific links, trunks, and circuits that will be disrupted and the point where they will be disrupted.
  • Name and telephone number(s) of the station project officer.
  • The estimated maximum recovery time.

No later than 14 days before the outage, the TCF/PTF or other responsible O&M element requesting the outage must forward a message request to each user that will be affected by the ASI.

Five to seven days prior to the actual outage, the TCF/PTF or other responsible O&M element must submit a final request to the CONUS GNSC. The request will specify if the users have released all circuits affected by the outage.

Thirty minutes before the initiation of the actual outage, the TCF/PTF or other responsible O&M element requiring the outage must request final approval from the CONUS GNSC.