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The primary mission of Detachment 1, 333rd Training Squadron (TRS) is to provide technical training in the National Capital Region for the Global Command and Control System – Joint (GCCS-J).

The primary purpose of the 333rd Training Squadron (TRS) is to provide technical training via classroom (Keesler AFB) and Mobile Training Teams Worldwide.

The USAF Air Education and Training Command (AETC) develops and provides GCCS-J technical support system administrator training. This training is open to all combatant commands, Services, agencies, eligible contractors and civil servants. Training is conducted as in resident training at Keesler AFB, Biloxi, MS and/or via Mobile Training Teams (MTT).

Training schedules are published annually and updated as required. Current course schedules are posted on the SSTM web site.

The only prerequisite established for entry into any of the AETC courses GCCS-J training is Level 1, GCCS-J Basic UNIX Administration . The prerequisites may be waived for students who possess GCCS-J System Administrator experience, For any questions, please contact AETC, Mr Larry Peoples, DSN 597-3742 or  Ms Sharon Myers, DSN 597-5672.


The following courses are offered:

  • GCCS-J Windows Administration
  • Level-1 GCCS-J UNIX System Administration course is no longer offered in AETC classrooms. Instructions to obtain this training.
  • Level-2 GCCS-J Installation and System Administration
  • Level-3 GCCS-J Security Management
  • Level-3 GCCS-J COP (Keesler AFB only)
  • Level-3 GCCS-J I3 (Keesler AFB only)
  • Level-3 GCCS-J Installation Familiarization
  • GCCS-J Database Fundamentals
  • GCCS-J Oracle Administration
  • GCCS-J Sybase Administration

For descriptions of each course and class schedule go to


The training facility is a security facility. Visitors require at least a Secret security clearance to gain unescorted access. Detachment 1 personnel will not escort. Security clearance verification should be faxed by the student’s unit security officer to Detachment 1 at least five working days before class start date:

  • ATTN: Detachment 1 Visit Access Request
  • DSN Fax: 381-2817
  • Commercial Fax: (703) 882-2817


  • Military members must be in uniform
  • Class hours are 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
  • Students are expected to report to class on time
  • Detachment 1 instructors will report any unexcused absence from the training session to the student’s home unit.
  • Do not assume you will be dismissed early from classes on Fridays. Most courses taught at the detachment run the advertised duration and require full days of in-class time.