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Authorized GCSS-J users must have a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) hard token to have access to SIPRNet GCSS-J, and a Common Access Card (CAC) to have access to NIPRNet GCSS-J.  PKI or CAC is needed before a user can request a GCSS-J Account.

Logistics Common Operating Picture (LOGCOP)

The GCSS-J LogCOP is a portal framework that consists of a menu of lightweight Web applications known as app components. These command and control app components can be grouped into one or more user-defined Dashboards. This portal framework is provided by a government open-source project called the Ozone Widget Framework (OWF).

The LogCOP environment offers a mixture of third-party app components and custom GCSS-J app components to support the user’s mission by JCA. The default LogCOP Dashboard consists of the GCSS-J Layers App Component, the Common Map App Component, and the Grid App Component.

GCSS-J Layers App Component

The GCSS-J Layers App Component displays permanent Web Map Service (WMS) layers, as well as layers contributed by users Common Map App Component The Common Map App Component uses the Google Maps 2D map for geospatially visualizing data from app components. Any GCSS-J app component with the mapping capability can interact with this app component to visualize its data geospatially. Custom GCSS-J App Components

Custom GCSS-J app components provide command and control logistics data regarding the location and physical properties of logistics assets. Current GCSS-J app components include the following:

Base & Installations Support

  • Airfields
  • Airfield Facility Details
  • Emergency Services
  • Energy Facilities & Infrastructure
  • Government Facilities & Military Installations
  • Land Infrastructure
  • Medical Facilities
  • Seaports
  • Seaport Facility Details
  • Storage Facilities
  • Water Facilities

Deployment and Distribution

  • Airfield Schedule and Workload 
  • Cargo
  • Cargo Content  
  • Cargo Movement Report
  • Itinerary with Status
  • Passenger    
  • Seaport Schedule
  • Ships

Human Capital Management

  • Civilian Personnel
  • Military Personnel

Log Planning

  • Force Readiness
  • TPFDD Viewer 
  • Unit Details


  • Cesium Map
    • 2D Map
    • 3D Map
    • Columbus View 
  • GCSS-J Layers


  • OPlan Analysis


  • Bulk Fuels Contracts
  • Bulk Fuels IMP Visualization
  • Fuels Report 
  • Munitions Report
  • NSN Report
  • Requisition/Document Summary
  • Theater Transportation Planning
  • War Reserves/PREPO
  • Bulk Fuels Deliveries (currently disabled)
  • Unit Equipment