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1. Why does the version of OPNET Modeler and JCSS have to be compatible releases? [Answer]
2. If I modify a Template OPFAC, will the related OPFACs in my scenario change? [Answer]
3. Can I add new security classification levels? [Answer]
4. Will changing the value for the "IP Dynamic Routing Protocol" advanced attribute affect some or all the routers in my network? [Answer]
5. How is grade of service calculated? [Answer]
6. When computing Line of Sight, how do we compute the altitude for an OPFAC w.r.t. the terrain profile and antenna height? What value do we use for the antenna height? [Answer]
7. Who do I contact to register for JCSS Training Courses? [Answer]
8. How do I get access to JCSS Software? [Answer]
9. Does JCSS support VNE Server Imports? [Answer]
10. Does JCSS support Netmapper? Does it require a special license? [Answer]
11. How do I report a problem or request assistance with JCSS? [Answer]
12. How do I contribute models to the JCSS Library? [Answer]
13. JCSS aborts when I try to use it on a system without a compiler installed, did I install it properly? [Answer]

CP & DES Analysis

14. How is link utilization calculated in the Capacity Planner? [Answer]
15. What is required for my custom device model to work with the Capacity Planner? [Answer]
16. What routing algorithm does the Capacity Planner use? [Answer]
17. When I run a DES with multiple seed values, the results from the most recent run overwrites the one before. Is there a way I can collect the results from all simulation runs, so that I can compare them? [Answer]
18. What does "There was no path at the IP layer" mean in the CP web report? [Answer]
19. Traffic in my network varies over time. Is there a way I can capture the effects of changing traffic in a Capacity Planner evaluation? [Answer]
20. Does the Capacity Planner use Flow Analysis? [Answer]
21 What do I need to have in order to be able to run Discrete Event Simulation (DES)? [Answer]

Traffic & Routing

22. What are Undelivered IERs? How are they calculated? [Answer]
23. Some IERs in my network are failed. How do I go about finding the causes of failure? [Answer]
24. Why do I get this error when I run my discrete even simulation: "A packet is received from a port with no bentpipe configured."? [Answer]
25. I see some of the IERs reported as Undelivered. Where did they go? [Answer]
26. I have large data IERs (greater than 20 Mb.) and none of the IERs go through? Why? [Answer]
27. All my data IERs are failed or reported as being Undelivered. What could be the reason? [Answer]
28. Can I import IERs after the IER database has been removed from JCSS 8.0? [Answer]
29. I want to see the routing tables generated during the simulation. How can I do that? [Answer]
30. What is the "Message" IER field and how is it used? [Answer]
31. Even though I specify multiple consumers for an IER, the traffic seems to be routed only to the first one? Isn't the traffic supposed to be identically routed to each of the consumers in the multiple consumer list? [Answer]
32. Can I run different dynamic protocols on my network? [Answer]


33. In previous versions of JCSS, I was allowed to use DES using only a Simulation Runtime License. This no longer seems to be the case. Can I still use this license to run DES in JCSS? [Answer]
34. Why do I need OPNET Modeler or IT Guru to run JCSS? [Answer]
35. Which module licenses are normally provided with JCSS? [Answer]
36. Which additional module license can JCSS take advantage of? [Answer]