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All my data IERs are failed or reported as being Undelivered. What could be the reason?


There could be many reasons why the data IERs may not go through network, some of the usual suspects are:

a. Routes were not determined: For some reason if the routes were not determined by the routing protocol either due to configuration issues or due to convergence problems the packets get dropped and hence the IER is not received at the destination.

b. Circuits were not setup: For promina or MSE data circuits if the circuits are not setup correctly the traffic (IER) cannot flow.

c. Large IERs: IERs of very large size can be dropped due to several reasons (refer to the following question for details)
Other Protocol issues: These issues are logged in a log file per scenario. This file is located in the scenario folder as <project_name>-<scenario_name>.nt.log. It can also be accessed from the DES -> Open DES log menu item.