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What is the "Message" IER field and how is it used?


The "Message" IER field is a specific field used only with JCSS IERs.  The purpose of the "Message" field is to allow users to pass any type of information to the models during simulation.  This multi-purpose field allows users to easily customize IERs without having to expand the IER schema.

Certain JCSS models already use the "Message" IER field.  For instance, as part of making an IER multicast, a user must specify the multicast address in the "Message" field of the IER (ex: "Mcast_Addr=").  Also, the Link-16 models use the "Message" field to specify which type of J-series message family the IER represents (ex: "Link_16_NPG_06").  Each string placed into the "Message" field can be accessed by the models using IER APIs.  The information can then be parsed and the model allowed performing specific features which may not have been possible before the "Message" field was introduced.

Note that users can specify more than one "Message" entry by separating each entry with a comma.