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In previous versions of JCSS, I was allowed to use DES using only a Simulation Runtime License.  This no longer seems to be the case.  Can I still use this license to run DES in JCSS?


Starting with JCSS 8.0, users are now required to have an OPNET ITGuru or Modeler license, as well as, an OPNET Simulation Runtime license to use Discrete Event Simulation (DES) in JCSS.

It is important to note that the ITGuru and Modeler licenses are not used during DES, but only checked during simulation initialization to make sure either of the licenses exists.  This means that multiple users can utilize a single ITGuru or Modeler license during simulation runs that occur at the same time.

As in previous versions of JCSS, a Simulation Runtime license will still be used by DES for the entire simulation duration.  This means that multiple users can not utilize a single Simulation Runtime license at the same time (i.e., only a single DES instance can run per license).