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Why does the version of OPNET Modeler and NETWARS have to be compatible releases?


  1. Model development: If the customer is building node models that he wants to run using JCSS (for instance, a Promina-like device), Modeler must use the same version that JCSS is based on. If Modeler is a later version, the node model will not be recognized by JCSS; if Modeler is an older version, JCSS will choke when it tries to update the model from the older version.
  2. Licensing: If the customer uses Modeler installation to serve licenses, then that version should be at least as recent as the JCSS version. The license server doles out licenses to older clients, but not newer ones. So, if Modeler version is 11.0 and the customer is using JCSS 8.0 or later, JCSS will not be able to get license.