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When I run a DES with multiple seed values, the results from the most recent run overwrites the one before. Is there a way I can collect the results from all simulation runs, so that I can compare them?


In JCSS 2004-2 (and later versions of the software), there is an option to collect the results for all simulation runs individually. By default, the results from a new simulation will overwrite those from an earlier run, but by turning on this option, you can collect the results individually.

The option is found in the Configure/Run DES window. When you specify multiple seed values, two checkboxes at the top-right corner of the dialog are enabled. The first of these options is to "Save vector and environment files for each run in set." By default this option is not turned on. If you check this box, the results from each run will be collected separately. The OV files that are generated are suffixed with an index.

For instance, if I run a DES on UserGuide_SB_Scenario with two seed values and enable the aforementioned option, OV files with the following names are generated:

Results from these runs show up under separate tabs in the View Results window. These tabs are called "1 Graphs," "2 Graphs," etc. To compare statistics across runs, first display the graph for the first run, then go to the tab for the second run and add the same statistic to the already displayed statistic window.