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Can I add new security classification levels?


Yes, the list of security classifications can be fully customized. In the Scenario Builder or System Editor, select "Edit > Preferences > Security Classification" to open the Security Classification editor. In this dialog, you can add, remove, and modify security classification levels. You can also specify which value is the default for new items.

The order of the entries determines the relative security levels. The top entry is the lowest security level, while the bottom entry is the highest level. JCSS uses the order to compare security classifications. For example, "Top Secret" is usually below "Secret" in the list, meaning that a "Top Secret" computer can transmit "Secret" data, but not vice versa.

The changes apply to devices, IERs, and other items that have security classification attributes in all scenarios in your JCSS installation. If you remove a security classification that is used, some items will keep the old, unlisted value while others will automatically change to the default value.