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Why do I get this error when I run my discrete even simulation: "A packet is received from a port with no bentpipe configured."?


This error comes from a satellite terminal that has received a packet on a land-side input port, but it doesn't have a bent-pipe circuit configured for that port. You may have configured a bent-pipe on that satellite, but just on the wrong port. If you haven't deployed a bent-pipe link on the satellite reporting the error for each land-side connection, then deploy one from the object palette called "JCSS Links".

If you have deployed a bent-pipe link, but you still get this error, you need to check your configuration. First, make a note of which link ports you have your land site links connected (index 0, 1, 2, and so on). Edit the attribute "Input Portmap". Find the row of this attribute that has same index (row numbers starting at 0) as your land-side link. Once you find it, make sure that it has a value for "Remote terminal" and "Port name". Often, users have these on the incorrect row of this table. This can also happen if you add or replace a land-side connection to the satellite terminal without deploying or re-deploying a bent-pipe link between earth terminals.

Also, as of 2005-2 (Q4 of 2005), JCSS will have a new satellite model suite. You may want to consider moving to those models because they more accurately model satellite links.