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DISA and DLA Leaders Discuss Ways to Reduce IT Costs

By Beth Reece, Defense Logistics Agency

Senior leaders from the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) and the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) discussed ways to reduce the amount DLA spends on information technology by 20 percent – without reducing services – during DISA/DLA Day at DLA’s McNamara Headquarters Complex on Fort Belvoir, Va., June 17.

DISA and DLA Leaders

Senior leaders from DISA and the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) discuss the need to reduce information technology costs without reducing services during DISA/DLA Day.  Pictured (left to right):  DISA Director Air Force Lt Gen Ronnie Hawkins, DLA Director Navy VADM Mark Harnitchek, and DLA Information Operations Director Kathy Cutler.

DISA’s services to DLA include server and mainframe hosting, telecommunications, and network services, all of which cost DLA $243 million in fiscal year 2012. About 31 percent of those costs went toward custom services that may no longer be necessary, DLA Information Operations Director Kathy Cutler said.

“There are lots of opportunities where we can become more efficient. Custom solutions are just one area that we would like to look at as we move forward to see if there are now standard solutions available,” she said.

“One of the things that we’re very proud of is what we’re doing in trying to drive the Department of Defense toward enterprise solutions,” said DISA Director Air Force Lt Gen Ronnie D. Hawkins. “I believe we can help you achieve some of the savings you’re looking for.”

DLA Director Navy VADM Mark Harnitchek said DISA’s services are critical to the agency’s success as it supports mission partners worldwide and looks for ways to reduce overall operating costs by $14 billion in the next five years.

“Nobody knows information systems in the government like you guys do, so we’re counting on you to help us bring our IT costs down. If we’re asking you to do things that cost too much money that can be done a different way for less money, we’re all ears,” he said.

Partnering on emerging technologies and collaborating more on requirements determinations will also help DLA and DISA make more cost-conscious decisions, Cutler added.

“We’d like to see more upfront involvement with DISA on what we need on the DLA side. As opposed to us just saying we need ABC, we would like you all to offer advice to us on what we really need to become more efficient and take advantage of new technology out there,” he said.Work is already under way to save $7.7 million through storage reconfiguration of the Enterprise Business System, which DLA uses to manage its daily business. Other cost savings opportunities discussed include combining voice and data services, as well as migrating DLA’s email to DISA’s DoD Enterprise Email, which provides secure access from any location to authorized users and reduces administration costs. 



Posted June 24, 2013