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If you have disclosed your identity to the DISA OIG Hotline, you may contact our office to request the status of your complaint. If you did not provide your full name at the time of your complaint filing, or any other contact information, you will not be given any information regarding the complaint, to include confirmation of its existence.  This is to protect the confidential status of all complaint filings. 

Here are some consideration points regarding what to expect after you file a Hotline complaint:

  • If you provided an email address or other form of contact information, we will respond to you acknowledging the receipt of your complaint by our office.

  • If your case involves a request for assistance we will provide you with a brief overview of actions taken, or planned to be taken, in regards to your request.

  • If we deem it necessary to transfer your complaint to another federal Inspector General’s office, we will advise you that your matter has been referred to the cognizant entity for appropriate action, where and if applicable.

  • If you can verify yourself as the individual that filed the complaint in reference, you may contact the DISA OIG Hotline to check upon status of your complaint. However, federal regulations prohibit the disclosure of information contained in investigative and law enforcement records, even to the individual submitting the allegation(s).  Information cannot be disclosed to any Third Parties. 

  • Our office will NOT provide anyone, to include the source of the complaint, with the status of action(s) taken on any allegation.  This includes details pertaining to the processing of your complaint.  The information you provide will be handled according to our internal policies and guidelines, and appropriate action will be taken, as determined.

  • Once a file is closed, results may be requested under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). For information regarding how to submit a FOIA request, please see the Freedom of Information Act page.