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Integrated Defense Enterprise Acquisition System

One-Stop Contract Management 

The IDEAS website application gives you access to review solicitations and orders, as well as upload proposals, quotes, jeopardy notices, completion notices, and more in response to solicitations and awards issued from IDEAS.

How to Get Started with IDEAS

If you are a telecommunications contractor with a current basic agreement or a contract, send an email to us with the following information:
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Legal Business Name as registered in System for Award Management
  • UEI
  • CAGE
  • Basic Agreement or Contract Number
  • Company IDEAS representative
  • DITCO U.S. Basic Agreement holders: email DITCO Scott
  • DITCO Europe Basic Agreement holders: email DITCO Europe
  • DITCO contract holders: Reach out to the Contracting Officer of the contract
Within three business days, you will receive two registration emails. For increased security, you will receive a two-factor authentication code via email needed for each login attempt.


1. How do I get functional support?

Mission Partners/Customers can find information on the best points of contacts for a variety of services here .

2. How does IDEAS work?

The IDEAS team receives telecommunications requirements from mission partners/customers and routes them to the appropriate DITCO division office for ordering. DITCO leverages existing contracts and basic agreements to fulfill customer requirements.

3. As a contractor, how do I obtain a DITCO basic agreement?

Learn about IDEAS Basic Agreements here

As a U.S. Basic Agreement holder: email DITCO Scott

As a Europe Basic Agreement holder: email DITCO Europe

4. How do I get technical support for IDEAS?

Contact the DISA Global Service Desk by phone at 844-347-2457, option 1 then option 7; or email the GSD and ask them to forward the ticket to the IDEAS Tier 2 team. GSD is available 24/7/365.

5. How soon will I get feedback on technical support tickets?

Once the DISA Global Service Desk generates a trouble ticket they will provide you with a ticket number and assign it to the IDEAS Tier 2 team. Tier 2 will immediately triage the issue and start work on resolution based on the severity and impact. Tier 2 will also contact you as soon as possible if they resolve the issue or need additional information.

6. What information should I provide when requesting technical support?

The more information you provide to the DISA Global Service Desk agent, the better. We recommend providing a screen capture of any error message (to include the date stamp on the screen); the date and time of the incident (with time zone); browser(s) used at the time of the error; the operating system of your computer (Windows 10, 11; iOS; etc.) and/or details on any contract you are reviewing at the time.

7. I would like to see an enhancement to the IDEAS suite of applications; how do I request it?

Contact your PSD/DITCO point of contact (see FAQ #1). They will add the request to the Change Advisory Board and, if approved, to the IDEAS Product Backlog.

8. Where do I send completed packages?

Mission Partners/Customers can find DITCO assignments and addresses here