There are many inherent challenges in keeping up with and making good use of rapidly developing technologies and capabilities coming from commercial and open-source activities. Balancing security with acquisition practices can decelerate the exploration of new technologies, products, solutions, and the prototyping and experimentation of new business models and approaches to DOD challenges. DISA must be able to solve problems through quick and meaningful collaborations and rapid prototyping. DISA has determined that establishing its own innovation environment is necessary to pursue and explore the latest solutions to the nation's cyber threats.

DISAWERX is a collaborative innovation environment based out of KBR's Joint All Domain Warfighting Lab located at 7000 Columbia Gateway Drive, Suite 100, Columbia, MD 21046.

DISAWERX enables rapid experimentation with new ideas and technologies in the pursuit of novel and innovative solutions to DISA's most pressing technical challenges. DISAWERX will enable DISA to work with industry partners and academic partners in an unclassified environment, where innovators can bring their best ideas and capabilities forward for demonstration, examination and evaluation.
 DISAWERX Capabilities
  • Collaboration space for hosting Technical Exchange Meetings (TEM) and industry engagement forums
  • Provides on-site unclassified computing and networking environments
  • Sandbox environment for hands-on learning and training
  • Unrestricted access to on-site resources
  • Remote access to virtual environment