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The Mission Partner Engagement Office and Engagement Executives are DISA's principal representatives to the mission partners - receiving their requests, reaching out to them, advocating for their issues and providing a conduit for their feedback to DISA.

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As the information technology combat support agency, DISA is committed to providing enterprise-level IT capabilities and services to the nation’s warfighters, national-level leaders, and mission and coalition partners.

The DISA director is also the commander of the Joint Force Headquarters DOD Information Network, which maintains command and control of defensive cyber operations.

DISA delivers hundreds of IT support and service capabilities to our mission partners and are captured in our online service catalog. Regardless of the IT service or support need, DISA has the capacity to host, support, engineer, test or acquire IT services.

Additionally, in order to optimize DOD’s world-class enterprise infrastructure, DISA is focused on providing enterprise services, unified capabilities and mobility options to support DOD operations anywhere, anytime. Through enterprise security architectures, smart computing options and other leading-edge IT opportunities, DISA remains committed to its role of the IT provider to meet our defense needs.

DISA has organized its workforce to optimally support and work with leaders and partners in the White House, Pentagon, military services, combatant commands, and defense and federal agencies, as well as coalition partners across the globe.

Through the White House Communications Agency, DISA provides direct telecommunications and IT support to the president, vice president, their staff, and the U.S. Secret Service.

DISA also has a significant presence in the Pentagon with a support cadre in the Joint Staff Support Center providing direct support to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the senior ranking member of the Armed Forces; the Joint Chiefs of Staff comprised of the senior ranking officers from each military service; and the Joint Staff.

The Joint Staff J6 for command, control, communications, computers/cyber (C4) represents the joint warfighter in support of C4 requirements validation and capability development processes while ensuring joint interoperability. The J6 also partners with DISA as the department evolves the Joint Information Environment with the development and promulgation of enterprise services and the enhancement of the enterprise information infrastructure.

DISA has a field office co-located with and directly supporting each of the nine unified combatant commands:

DISA provides DOD IT support through its Computing Ecosystem datacenters, Defense Information Technology Contracting Organization field sites, and special mission centers, such as the Joint Interoperability Test Command.

In addition, DISA operates the DISA Command Center, which maintains situational awareness of all network operations and the DISA-provided infrastructure, computing and enterprise services. This center ensures continued quality customer service to all of DISA’s mission partners.