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The DISA Office General Counsel became a component organization within the Defense Communications Agency in April 1967.

In April 1975, the Office of Counsel at the Defense Commercial Communications Office (DECCO) (now DITCO) was created under supervision of the Office of General Counsel.

In August 1984, responsibilities for issues relating to the Communications Act of 1934, the AT&T Divestiture, Executive Order 12472, and matters of concern to the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence (ASDC3I) were broken out from the Office of General Counsel to create the Office of the Chief Regulatory Counsel for DOD Telecommunications.

In 1994, the two offices, the General Counsel and the Chief Regulatory Counsel, were reorganized into the Office of Regulatory/General Counsel (DO1). Also in 1994, DISA established a position of legal counsel to the DISA WESTHEM organization. All DISA legal offices represent the Defense Legal Services Agency, DOD Dir 5145.4. In 1997, the two offices were combined under one General Counsel - the Regulatory/General Counsel.

Past General Counsels: J. G. Gregg (1963-1965); W. H. Morse (1965-1970); J. T. Whealen (1971-1988); M. S. Chadick (1989-1996); C. W. Smith (1996-2007); R. S. Gorman (2008-2015); W.E. Brazis (2015-Present)

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