Office of Small Business


Connecting small businesses with information regarding DISA Office of Small Business Programs' at outreach events:

Leadership in Action Photos


Title: Leadership in Action: IT Services and Cyber Development

Date: January 2020

Description: Dr. Brian Hermann and Mr. Jason Martin interact with small business industry partners.


Joint Small Business Conference Photos


Title: Joint Small Business Conference with DISA, NSA and USCYBERCOM

Date: December 2019

Description: Representatives from DISA, NSA and USCYBERCOM meet with small industry base.


Forecast to Industry Photos


Title: Forecast to Industry

Date: November 2019

Description: The Office of Small Business Programs meets with small business industry base.


AFCEA TechNet Indo-Pacific

AFCEA TechNet Indo-Pacific


Title: 2019 AFCEA TechNet Indo-Pacific

Date: November 2019

Description: Carlen Capenos and Brenda Leonard represent DISA Office of Small Business Programs at the 2019 AFCEA TechNet Indo-Pacific in Hawaii.


AFCEA Networking Photos


Title: AFCEA Ft. Belvoir - Small Business Networking Event

Date: November 2019

Description: OSBP Director, Carlen Capenos, speaks to small businesses about doing business with DISA.


Maryland Cyber Solutions Showcase

MD Cyber Solutions Showcase


Title: Maryland Cyber Solutions Showcase

Date: September 2019

Description: Businesses, government agencies and nonprofit organizations come together to share information, innovation and connections.


AFCEA Speedating Photos


Title: DISA Matchmaking

Date: May 2019

Description: DISA Program Managers and Industry Large Businesses interact with small business industry partners.


Cybersecurity NIST Training


Title: Cybersecurity National Institute of Standards and Technology Training

Date: April 2019

Description: Small business industry partners received Cybersecurity NIST training.


Women-Owned Small Business Event


Title: Women-Owned Small Business Event - Unlocking Our Secrets: We Did Not Wake Up Today to be Mediocre!

Date: March 2019

Description: Women-owned small business industry partners come together with DISA program managers and leaders.

Leadership In Action Photos


Title: Leadership in Action Speaker Series – Forward Thinking: Where Small Business Meets Innovation

Date: February 2019

Description: Mr. Stephen Wallace interacts with small business industry partners on the Emerging Technology Directorate