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DISA awards OTA for National Background Investigation System management platform

The Defense Information Systems Agency awarded an Other Transaction Agreement (OTA) for $49 million to Enterprise Services, LLC of Herndon, Virginia, to develop the prototype for its National Background Investigation Services (NBIS) Investigation Management (IM) Shared Service June 22.

The NBIS IM platform is the integrated case management solution that will bring together the core functions of the systems and provide the interface for investigative users. The system will expedite the time to process investigations by automating and optimizing key processes from request initiation through investigation completion.

NBIS utilized the OTA to acquire leading-edge technologies by tapping into a non-traditional defense contractor base. OTAs are legally binding instruments that may be used to engage industry for a broad range of research and prototyping activities.

NBIS sought to foster enhanced collaboration with industry, and leverage the speed and flexibility permitted by an OTA to develop the IM system, said Raju Shah, the NBIS program manager.

“We’re building a first-of-its-kind enterprise system that brings together the complex integration of a number of disparate systems on an unprecedented scale. We needed to hear from as wide a selection of vendors as possible to understand what was possible and be able to narrow to what’s probable.”

Enterprise Services, LLC teamed with Pegasystems, Inc. of Cambridge, Massachusetts; Accenture Federal Services, LLC of Arlington, Virginia; Torch Research LLC of Leawood, Kansas; and Next Tier Concepts, Inc. of Vienna, Virginia to deliver the solution.

The NBIS IM will be built collaboratively using the Scaled Agile Framework methodology and deployed into a scalable, cloud-based architecture using a develop-security-operations pipeline.

This approach brings together cross-functional teams working in collaboration for continuous integration and deployment to deliver features faster, Shah said.



Originally posted July 9, 2018*

*Correction posted July 10: The contract was awarded to Enterprise Services, LLC of Herndon, Virginia. The initial release incorrectly stated the company name as Enterprise, LLC.