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NOTE: If you do not have access to the documents linked below, please visit this page and follow the instructions to request a guest account that will be auto-approved for eligible persons.”


Click the following hyperlink; read and digitally (CAC) sign: System Rules of Behavior, Acceptable Use Policy.

**Note** DISA Personnel must upload System Rules of Behavior, Acceptable Use Policy Document to the Corporate Management Information System (CMIS). Contact your supervisor for assistance. **Non-DISA Personnel** Your Completed document must accompany your System Authorization Access Request.


Select all appropriate SAAR hyperlinks below, complete blocks 1-16a and 26a-27, digitally (CAC) sign your request and forward to your "Government(DoD)Supervisor" for completion of blocks 17-20b.

**Note** All system access requests must be digitally/Common Access Card (CAC) Signed. Requests that are not digitally/CAC signed will not be processed.


DISA Personnel (DOD Civilians, Military & Contractors) forward your "Government Supervisor" approved request to for completion of Part III (Security Manager Validation). In turn, the SAAR Team will forward your request to the appropriate system administrator for account creation.

Non DISA Personnel Due to recent upgrades to the Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS) your date of birth is required to access your record. In block #13 of your request (in the space specified), please provide your date of birth or forward your request to your security manager for completion of Part III (Blocks 28 - 32).


SAAR Links:

* Indicates a template for DISA GLOBAL OPERATIONS COMMAND (SAFB) PERSONNEL ONLY — all others please check your local DD FORM 2875 submission procedures.



Review the FAQs before you submit your request to avoid processing delays.

INCOMPLETE OR INCORRECT packages will not be processed!

E-Mail your request to




Q: How do I find out what access request(s) I should complete?
A: Talk to your immediate supervisor.

Q: Who completes Information Owner/OPR & IAO or Appointee (Blocks 21 thru 25) of the request?
A: Do not complete IO & IAO portions of the document; Information Owner & IAO for systems/applications managed by DISA are completed by a DISA appointee.

Q: What documents do I need to have accomplished before I send my request forward?
A: System Rules of Behavior User Agreement (DD form 786) and all applicable DD Form 2875s. ***Note*** Only electronic requests (CAC Signed/Soft Copies) will be accepted.

Q: How should I submit my access package to the SAAR TEAM members for further processing?
A: Please only send one user's request (DD 2875) per e-mail. In the "Subject" field of the e-mail please include the requestors full name and the system requested. (Example: Doe, John E., NCCM). E-mail your digitally signed request to

Q: What forms do I need to submit if I had access before and my account has been disabled or deleted due to inactivity?
A: DD Form 2875(s) as applicable and System Rules of Behavior if you have not signed one before or if the document has changed.

Q: What do I do if my Cyber Awareness Challenge training (Formerly IA training) was not completed during the current fiscal year (FY-20XX-10-01 thru 20XX-09-30) or I have never completed this training?
A: Follow the hyperlink to complete the training: Cyber Awareness Challenge.

Q: Are contractor personnel authorized to sign the Supervisor blocks on page 1 (blocks 17-20b)?
A: No, these blocks must be completed by Government /Military Supervisors only.

Q: How long will it be before I get my account access?
A: Within approximately 10 days from the date the SAAR team receives your complete and accurate package, you should receive a classified or unclassified email from the System Administrator(s) with information pertaining to your access. Check your email often.

Q: Will the SAAR Team process manually completed (handwritten/hard copy) system access requests?
A: If you are unable to complete a digital request due to system limitations, contact the SAAR Team at or (618) 418-9989 (DSN) 770 for assistance.

Q: If my VAR has expired or my security clearance is out of scope, what should I do? Will my access request be processed?
A: You should contact your local security manager and your access request will be delayed until the security databases (JPAS and/or CMIS are updated).

If you still need assistance after you have reviewed these FAQs, please contact the SAAR Processing Team at (618) 418-9989, DSN 770 or email us at