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Number Title
200-40-08 DISA Government Travel Charge Card Program
200-40-09 Local Travel in and around Permanent or Temporary Duty Station
200-50-22 Defense National Relocations Program (DNRP)
200-85-05 Space Occupancy
220-15-08 Parking Motor Vehicles Registration and Parking Areas Maintenance
230-170-04 Copier Management
230-170-05 DISA Plaques
250-50-01 US Military Communications Electronics Board
270-50-10 DoD Activity Address Directory
270-70-04 Office Moves
270-165-02 Property Accountability For DISA
270-165-04 Loan and Transfer of Accountable Assets
270-165-05 Lost Damaged or Destroyed Government Property
270-165-06 Radio Frequency for Property and Equipment Accounts
270-165-07 Accountability and internal Controls for Capital Equipment
270-170-03 Uniform Material Movement and Issue Priority System (UMMIPS)
310-065-02 Channel and Circuit Allocations - Methods and Procedures
610-225-02 DISA Systems Engineering Aux 2 Process V5i
610-225-03 Information Technology Portfolio Management
610-175-01 Enterprise Service Standards
630-225-06 Management of DISA Information Services
630-225-12 Enterprise Content Management
630-225-02 Management and Control of Information Requirements
800-070-01 Management and Operations of DISN Services Over Satellites