The DISA Pacific Command (DISA-PAC) represents the Director, Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), and acts as his agent to execute the DISA mission within the Pacific Theater. The command manages the Pacific portion of the Global Information Grid; selected command, control, communications, and computer systems in support of the Pacific's Commander, subordinate commands, military components, joint task forces and DoD and other federal agencies; and DISA's internal base-level information architecture and information systems (the DISA Information System) in direct support of DISA-PAC field activities. DISA-PAC also serves as DISA's "single voice in the Pacific," and provides customer service, support, and requirements advocacy for all customers in its theater of responsibility who subscribe, or plan to subscribe, to DISA's existing or emerging information products and services. Lastly, the command plans, budgets for, manages and implements the Pacific portion of DISA's global programs, projects, and systems.


DISA PAC is responsible for the following major functions:

  • Provide regional management, operational direction, and maintenance of assigned portions of the GIG and Command, Control and Communications (C3) Information Systems operations in the Pacific and Indian Ocean regional areas.
  • Coordinate its responsibility for regional operational systems of the GIG in the Pacific with OPS and to ensure single-system management control and operational direction of GIG systems on a global basis.
  • Provide regional management and technical assistance for the deployment and sustainment of Defense Information System Network (DISN) systems and components (e.g. Defense Satellite Communications System (DSCS), Defense Switch Network (DSN), Defense Messaging System (DMS)) in the Pacific and Indian Ocean regional areas.
  • Coordinate its Defense Information Systems Network (DISN) responsibilities with APPS and Computing Services to ensure single-system management for the deployment and sustainment of DISN components on a global basis.
  • Focus DISA's Pacific operations facilities, personnel, products, services, and responsiveness on support to the Pacific Command's (PACOM's) Warfighters and to achieving PACOM customer satisfaction.
  • Provide C4 operational support to PACOM Warfighters and integrate DISA support of major exercise, contingency and wartime operations in the Pacific Theater.
  • Allocates GIG assets to satisfy customer requirements. Where existing assets do not support or are not available in time to meet customer's needs, DISA PAC will acquire services that meet at least minimum customer requirements, integrate these into the GIG, and coordinate the actions necessary within DISA to upgrade or replace these services as required.
  • Works with the Pacific Theater's Commanders, subordinate commands, military components, joint task forces and Government Agencies and acts as their Customer Advocate within DISA to ensure that DISA's strategic planning process and new programs implementing changes to the GIG adequately consider customer requirements, regional geopolitical events, new technologies, and customer financial constraints.
  • Works with the appropriate organizational elements to ensure GIG changes in the Pacific Theater are implemented in accordance with DISA global objectives and single-system management plans, policies and procedures.
  • Works with Pacific region customers on a regular basis, to understand their mission needs for information services; matches those needs with available DISA services, or becomes the customers advocate within DISA to develop new services to meet the needs; keeps DISA's services responsive to the customer's budget; and keeps the customer informed of status/progress of DISA's response to their requirements.
  • Accepts all requests for products or services from Pacific region customers, staffs the necessary actions, within the Pacific region if possible or within the worldwide DISA organization, represents the customer's interests during the DISA response, and delivers a finished product or service.
  • Operates the DISA-IS in the Pacific theater, to including DISANet and other communications/automated information systems, in direct support of DISA-PAC Pacific wide base-level customer requirements.


The Commander of DISA-PAC reports directly to and receives operational direction from the Principal Director for GIG Operations.