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New hiring tool
DISA currently uses the USAJobs Agency Talent Portal (ATP) as one method to attract the best and most qualified talent. The USAJobs Agency Talent Portal allows HR specialists and hiring managers to use the USAJobs resume database to look for candidates (with a searchable resume in their USAJOBs profile) to fill their vacancies. Follow the instructions below to make your resume searchable:

  1. Sign into USAJOBS and go to your Profile, or create a Profile as explained here:
  2. Go to Documents—your resumes will appear in your Documents.
  3. Click the Searchable checkbox on the resume you want to make searchable—if your profile is complete, it will become searchable too. More information can be found here:

Be sure to include the hashtag #EmployerOfChoice somewhere within your resume so hiring managers know that you’re interested in DISA employment opportunities and can locate your resume. You can always remove your resume from the database by deselecting the “Searchable” checkbox.

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